Who I am

Curious multi-specialist.

You can also find me at my ham radio website (W2FBI.com), my public projects at Github, and my business at TARXVF Tech.

Current web projects include:

DMR.tools which implements the Tytera codeplug upload and download functionality, and some proof of concept codeplug editing, entirely in the browser using WebUSB.

Corridor, a simple landing page or default page for new web browser tabs. You can see it in action on one of my infrastructure domains.

Non-web projects I am proud of or especially like:

Audiotagger which was a dirt-cheap shoestring-budget way of managing incredible amounts of video by transmitting 1200 baud data over walkie talkies, which were plugged into the recording cameras, allowing for extracting that data in post-processing using open source modem tools. That data is then used to synchronize video, to mark and automatically extract salient events, and for completely automated video organization. I came up with the idea and implemented it for my employer at the time, the NERVE Center. I saved us a boatload of money and time, and myself a lot of frustration in manually processing those videos. I hacked it together out of mostly Bash and some modified free software (e.g. minimodem-ng and Direwolf).

DSP playground which started out as a way for me to get an intuitive grasp of heterodyning and pulse compression (and other DSP concepts) by using Matplotlib and reading Wikipedia. It’s currently a playground that simulates various radars (free space path loss) and borrows data from flight simulators like DCS world, and real world aviation position data like ADSBExchange. I’ve also been fooling around with OpenCL, Celery, and similar tools - not because the project necessarily benefits from them but because it’s a playground to experiment and learn. Not an example of outward facing code, but I like talking about it.